Ethereum Price History Data: From The Beginning To Now

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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency protocol very different from Bitcoin, Litecoin or other payment technologies, which gives it added value and potential. This article helps to understand Ethereum’s price ups and downs throughout its history.

On 30 July 2015, the first version of the Ethereum protocol, Frontier, was released. At that time there was no such thing as the expense of Ethereum. Sure, based on provisional sales figures from July to September 2014(~$0.3–0.45 for 1 ETH), some conclusions could be made about the value of Ethereum coins. But it was too soon to talk about the price, which is based on the demand/supply exchange ratio. A week remained before the first cryptocurrency exchange listing.

Ethereum is currently the second most common cryptocurrency in the industry. You can earn it through betting on the platform. This lottery is based on Ethereum blockchain and is therefore demonstrably fair as the results of the bet depending on the entire random values of the Ethereum block hashes.

2015: Ethereum’s Early Phase

According to, Ethereum’s first historic records date from 7 August 2015. ETH was added to the Kraken exchange on that day and was worth $2.77 per coin. In the next three days, the price fell four times to $0.68, most possibly due to early investors ‘ rapid selling.

Because of the interest in the new and promising commodity, the Ethereum rate was increased to $1.8 by 13 August, where it was kept for 3 days (next time the price will return to those rates only in six months).

The first major event for the Ethereum network took place on 18 August: the first 100 000 blocks were created. At this point, the price will fall to $1. Then, within two months, Ethereum’s price will decline steadily. This process is typical for the market in cryptocurrency. Moreover, Ethereum investors continue to dump their coins from the pre-sale stage.

The local downward trend ends in late October at $0.43 per 1 ETH. This is followed by a raise of $1.3 and a reduction of $0.8 to $1 for three months.

More and more crypto enthusiasts will learn about the ETH during this time. The Devcon-1 developer conference, held from 9 to 13 November, made a special contribution to its popularization. The ways to build Ethereum were actively discussed in the presence of the representatives of IBM, Microsoft, and UBS.

2016: DAO, Hackers And Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The cost of Ethereum finally breaks the $1 mark again on January 11, 2016, and rushes up to never come back.

The price of Ethereum has grown rapidly for two months with details on the previous replacement of the network protocol with a more robust version (Homestead) and hits $15 on 13 March. At this time, the capitalization of Ethereum reaches $1 billion for the first time. On March 14, when the aforementioned Homestead Hardfork takes place, a sharp correction begins, according to which the ETH price falls twice by the end of April— $7.3 per coin.

The next occurrence that took Ethereum prices to the highest level all year round ($20.6) received large media coverage of the DAO project’s progress, with more than 12 million ETH (~$150 million) raised as part of the token sale. He was one of the pioneers of the emerging ICO era who preferred ETH to draw investor funds.

But, the next thing that happened was that Ethereum was knocked off— hackers stole around $50 million ETH from the project on June 16, 2016, taking advantage of a loophole in the DAO code. A panic began on the market, which almost halved the ETH price in 2 days to $11. In the crypto community, it was known that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin supported DAO in all possible ways, and this was one of the reasons ETH was affected.

During the month, there was heated debate on Buterin’s plan to recover robbed funds through a hard fork to restore the network to a state before the attack. The value of Ethereum fluctuated significantly against the backdrop of these discussions: hitting 14.3 dollars a week after the accident, it went even lower–on 7 July the ETH was priced at 10 dollars.

On 20 July the contentious hard fork was held and thus the Ethereum Classic project was launched, supported by its backers. Two days later, the Ethereum Classic, recovered to nearly $15, fell to a steep peak and hit $8 in Early August.

A few days later, the price of Ethereum is recovered to 11 dollars and will stabilize in the range of 10–12,25 dollars within one month and a half. In mid-September, the news of Ethereum’s support for Ledger Nano S hardware wallet calls the growth rate, which last time this year will reach $15.

On September 22, a DDoS attack on the Ethereum network became known, which significantly slows its performance. The news is a trigger for the start of a local downward trend that lasts 2.5 months and ends at $6 on December 5. The price consolidates in the $7–9 range by the end of the year.

2017. The Bull Run Begin

This year the Ethereum ends at 8 dollars. In January and February, the price of altcoin steadily increased, taking the value of Ethereum to $13. This is the beginning of faster growth since Ethereum was introduced to the eToro traders’ social platform on 23 February. On the same day, the amount of unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin network is up to 100,000— more and more crypto-investors, looking for alternatives to invest their money as they deem Bitcoin sluggish and obsolete. Many of them depend on the Ethereum.

In the first decade of March, the price tries to break through the $20 mark and breaks through, taking Ethereum to $45 within a week (for some bills of trade, $55). The daily volume of Ether trading amounts to $450 million. Ethereum reaches the range of $53–59 in March and then consolidates in the range of $40–50 within a month.

A new price increase will take place on April 26, which is 10 days will almost double the price spike–on May 5, $95 for 1 ETH. Around the same day, the number of Bitcoin transactions that are not confirmed reaches 200 thousand — the main cryptocurrency network has become even more sluggish. One explanation is that many miners have switched to Ethereum.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin was also in a stage of growth, setting the market course. Many coins react with astounding growth in this direction. ETH, introduced to the AVATRADE trading platform on May 18, is also reaching new heights-its price increases 4 times in less than a month (June 12, 1 ETH= 400 USD). Investors who bought the Ethereum six months ago have a 50-fold rise in selling it! Ethereum’s dominance of the market reaches its ATH — 31.5% (at the beginning of the year it was 4%).

In addition to the above explanations, this popularity is explained by Ethereum’s widespread popularization in the crisis community and the ecosystem of the dApps developers. ICO speculation also leads to increasing demand for the ETH — thousands of projects select ETH as their principal currency to accept token sale payments.

Such rapid growth is followed by a natural correction, which begins after an ETH network failure because of the increasing fuss about the ICO status. The local downtrend lasts approximately one month and ends at $150 on July 16. A new wave of development starts from here, bringing the price of Ethereum to $400 again by September 1. The two-week correction after that coincides with the downturn in the general market in China’s ICO news and crypt trading ban and ends at $200.

The news on the forthcoming change of Byzantium’s network price slowly recovered before mid-October. The same smooth correction begins on October 15, immediately after this update is triggered.

The price of Ethereum consolidates by mid-November in the $275-350 range and by November 23 it breaks through the $400 mark, which will be 2.5-week support. The ICO bubble continues to inflate, in which the ETH is the primary means of payment. Furthermore, the Bitcoin is accelerating to $20,000, dragging the entire crypto market.

On 11 December, Ethereum’s value reached the last step of development in 2016, reaching a level of $800. Furthermore, Ethereum is corrected, like most cryptocurrencies on the market, in parallel with 80% bitcoin drawdowns and temporarily drops to $500-600. The year ends in efforts to break the $750 mark.

2018. Bears Conquer The Market

From the very first day of New Year, the Ethereum prices rush up and reach the absolute maximum in its history on January 13–$1400. During this era, most Altcoins update their high points all the time.

This is when the euphoria begins to fade, mostly because of the correction of Bitcoin. The Ethereum price makes another leap up on 28 January, crosses the $1250 mark and is quickly being corrected. Other Ethereum movements are mostly the response to the Bitcoin movements, which will follow a bearish pattern throughout the year.

The first rebound from $700 was made on February 5, resulting in a return of $900. On February 14th, the developers announced the next update of the Ethereum Go Iceberg customer— the rate continued to rise steadily with this news and hit $1,000 on February 18th. There is a systematic descent to $380 from that moment until the beginning of April. This is the final major local reversal of the exchange rate of ETH in 2018, which falls to $500 on 12 April.

This stimulus causes a growth wave culminating in $830, on May 5, which continues to decline the Ethereum price until the middle of September (with slight rebounds).

The age of the ICO, which enabled the Ethereum to grow rapidly in 2017, is over. In 2018, the effects hurt the ETH –thousands of ICO ventures sell their investments in the ETH, driving their values far faster than other coins that fell during the general market decrease. The fall slowed down by $180 in early September, consolidating from $200 to $300 until the middle of November. The group hopes that these rates will be reversed and views this time as accumulative. The news of the hard fork in Constantinople in November adds to the positive feeling.

But the web update is delayed and the whole crypto market is then sent for another six months to look for the bottom–November 14 Bitcoin breaks to $6,000 and is almost twice as cheap for one month. During that time, the price of the ETH has fallen to $85. By that time it was moved at capitalization from 2nd place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies for a month–this spot then held by XRP.

Following this, the price rose to $130–140, marking the end of 2018 for Ethereum. It means that the ETH has become 10 times cheaper since its January ATH ($1400).

2019. First Signs Of Price Recovery

Ethereum advances to second place in the CoinMarketCap ranking during the first week of January and is worth $160. By that time, most coins had stopped making independent movements and had simply been synchronized with Bitcoin’s price movements— exhausted by the Bearish year, the crypto community still did not believe in reversing the possibility and expecting further downsizing.

And as Bitcoin again took a slight reversal, the ETH then plummeted to $100 by February 7. A three-month consolidation of the Ethereum value in the upstream channel will commence from that moment on. For this time, the local highs are $160 and $180. The hard fork of Constantinople will finally be kept on the Ethereum network on February 28, but the price does not respond.

In early April, the price of Bitcoin jumps to $1000, but Ethereum is not following it and continues to move along this channel, as do most other coins. Eventually, on 11 May, during the subsequent surge of Bitcoin growth of a further $1000, the market expects it will reverse and the price of Ethereum will start to rise aggressively, resulting in $280 within five days.

Ethereum is currently trading for $127. Crypto investors hope that the imminent Bitcoin halving would significantly increase its prices and Ethereum will respond favorably to this step.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2020: How High Will Ethereum Go

It is no wonder that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies known as Altcoins are rejected by the crypto community. Nevertheless, the supremacy of Ethereum’s first leading network is certainly not hollow. This network is known as the autonomous platform with the first intelligent blockchain contract and its terms just as Bitcoin is since the beginning.

Despite this fact, some cryptoanalysts are still pessimistic about the growth of Ethereum as it is still below $200, and others are waiting for Bull to run early. If this happens, it will boom many altcoins.

Aayush Jindal

August, one of the most well-known analysts for forex and cryptocurrencies, predicts the potential for investment in ETH because of the technical indicators associated with the coin before prices increase to $515. Instead, he assumes, new opportunities will come for the Ethereum. Tweeted by Aayush:

“Overall Ether could consolidate in the short term, but it remains at a risk of more losses until there is a break above $515.”

Alexis Ohanian Sr. – $1,500

Alexis, Reddit’s co-founder, expects that ETH will reach $1,500 by the end of 2019. The programmer assumes that the existing drawbacks will not impact the currency’s decline. Even if the actual ETH value amounts to approximately $180-185, it is interesting to see whether Alexis ‘ predictions become a reality.

Steven Nerayoff – $2,500

Steven predicts great growth for ETH as a co-creator of the Ethereum network. According to the 2020 Outlet, numerous updates and new projects will be released in the Ethereum chain. All this will positively influence the value of the cryptocurrency which can reach its all-time high USD 2,500.

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