Kiss Frontman Has Denied Taking Payment To Shill Many Cryptocurrencies, Including Cardano, Xrp, Chainlink, And Other Altcoins.

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KISS frontman

In a recent interview, KISS frontman Gene Simmons responded to reports that he was paying for various alternative cryptocurrencies, assuring his followers that he was not paid for doing so.

And then again. I’m not suggesting “I’m giving you my recommendations” or “I’m giving you my recommendations.” I don’t get charged, and I don’t talk on behalf of these people.

First, he discussed various altcoins that he did “extremely well” with, including Bitcoin and many others.

… And if I invest in more, I’m going to let you know. You’ve still got the final say.

A singer who’s gone on to become a crypto supporter.

Simons emerged as a powerful proponent of cryptocurrencies, having previously made casual remarks about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin rock star apparently revealed that he was a millionaire earlier this month, according to the article published.

It’s worth mentioning that when one of his followers encouraged people to push their own coin to make money, Harsh tweeted about adding $300,000 worth of Cardano (ADA) to his portfolio.

In addition, as of late, he is also the proud owner of Chainlink after he recently endorsed XRP and many other altcoins in March.

Gene Simmons has more money than he can spend.

YouTube star Marques Keith Brownlee recently received an e-mail that the organization decided to pay to fund Tron.

This announcement followed well-known celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Ne-Yo, who created controversy by tweeting about the questionable cryptocurrency project.

While it is clear that Simmons does not need to take advantage of the paid promotion since its net value is reported to be over $400 million, it does take part occasionally.

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