The New Version Of Amazon Web Services Offers Users The Ability To “Provide Ethereum Nodes”

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) users are currently able to “provide Ethereum nodes” and connect to the mainnet blockchain and other testnets.

Amazon recently announced that Ethereum is now publicly available on the regulated blockchain.

Users can now have Ethereum nodes and connect to the mainnet along with the Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets, all thanks to Amazon Web Services. It is claimed that the app enables users to securely access the network using “standard open-source Ethereum APIs” and to synchronise with the Ethereum blockchain.

In reference to Amazon’s blockchain monitoring platform, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify undeserved nodes and then eliminates those nodes, the firm said, “Amazon Managed Blockchain monitors node health, replaces undeserved nodes, and automates Ethereum software updates, improving the availability of Ethereum customer infrastructure.” This flexible, highly open and completely controlled service is of particular interest to customers developing analytical products, including fraud detection software and smart contract monitoring tools.

AWS first launched the Amazon Controlled Blockchain in April 2019, when it announced that customers could use the Ethereum and Hyperledger open-source frameworks to create blockchain networks within their organisations. It agreed to ‘provide everything needed to minimise hardware distribution, software installation, the creation and management of access control certificates and the configuration of network settings.’

Jeff Bezos revealed at the beginning of August that he will step down as CEO of Amazon in the third quarter of 2021. Andy Jassy, currently CEO of Amazon Web Services, will replace Jeff Bezos as CEO of the company.

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